Service Pricing

Here, we offer a basic idea of our pricing. Understand however, that each situation is unique and prices may vary based not only on the size of the property we are inspecting, but also the age of the property in question. Additionally, depending on the services you order, the inspection cost may or may not change. It is important that you give us all the details when we call you to verify the appointment. Services not listed in the work order will not be performed.

For instance, if you do not tell us a pool is on the property, we will not inspect the pool. For legal reasons, the work we perform must match the paperwork. We can certainly inspect the pool, but it requires separate paperwork and another trip to the property.

RESIDENTIAL INSPECTIONS – This IS NOT an exhaustive list of our services. Call if you need pricing for a service not seen here.

  1. Condo up to 2000 sqft $270.00
  2. Home up to 2000 sqft 270.00
  3. Home 2001-3000 sqft 310.00
  4. Home 3001-4000 sqft 370.00
  5. Home 4001-5000 sqft 445.00
  6. Multi-Family 2 Units 295.00
  7. Multi-Family 3 or more units 295.00 plus 100.00 per unit over 2
  8. Duplex House 335.00
  9. Radon Testing (2 tests – 1 outside and 1 inside) $190.00 when the test is completed without a home inspection. With a home inspection, the cost is 1/2 price at $95.00
  10. Meth House Testing (typically completed after a known meth-house has gone through remediation) $200.00
  11. Roof Inspection – A roof is inspected as part of the home inspection service. However, when you only want the roof inspected, the cost is $150.00
  12. Pool Inspection – When a pool inspection is completed with a home inspection, the cost is $75.00. When the inspection is a stand-alone inspection, the cost is $150.00


There are far too many variables involved in creating a price list for commercial inspections. These range from how large the space is, to how many floors, how many HVAC units there, are all the way down to the number of rooms in a given space. For example, will we be inspection a 2000 sq ft unit, or a 3 story office building with dozens or even hundreds of rooms? Then there are the electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems to consider as well.

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