When it comes to the roof, most people assume theirs is well-made and strong. Further, they believe that the roof was properly installed and can withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

Realistically however, the roof of your home is really quite vulnerable and a roof that has any flaw whatsoever, has the potential to put you and your family in harm’s way. To go a little deeper, damage to your roof can end up resulting in repairs that are costly, or even worse, you’ll end up with a roof that needs to be completely replaced.

You can take the upper hand though and be proactive on preventing catastrophic damage from occurring with an annual roof inspection. In areas where weather is extreme, then perhaps you want to have a semi-annual roof inspection. In Southern California, you can rest easy with an annual inspection in most cases.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Hiring a professional, like those at AllStar Property Inspection of Southern California will allow you to avoid expensive and time-consuming problems. Just because a roof may look good on the surface does not mean that it is 100% intact and safe.

For instance, even a small amount of water intrusion can cause rot to the rafters, which in the end, can result in catastrophic failure.

Thorough Inspections Annually

Your roof should be inspected at least once per year. This is especially true when there area is subject to violent storms, and in the case of Southern California, perhaps after a major earthquake. Performing repairs that may be a result of one of these events in a timely manner can help to make the difference between making a repair, or a full replacement.

Consider the fact that you must look at more than just the roof covering to determine if it’s functional or not. For instance, the aforementioned trouble with trusses.

Making Insurance Claims Easy

Professional roofing inspectors help to take the sting out of the insurance claim process as a result of storm damage. Most homeowners aren’t 100% sure as to what sort of repairs or roof replacement services are covered by the homeowners policy. A professional inspector will perform the inspection and identify issues that are problematic and provide you with valuable information as to what must be done to repair the structure.

Contact AllStar Property Inspection today for your roof inspection and get peace of mind that your family is safe. A standard roof inspection is part of the complete home inspection process when you order a home inspection.

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