When having your deck inspected, we look for many things including evidence of wood rot, whether or not the deck is physically attached to your home as well as other issues.

Decks appear on the surface to be simple to build, so most people pay little attention where safety is concerned. There are an estimated 45 million decks in the United States. Of that 45 million, only about 40% of them are actually safe. Consider this – Most injuries that occur on your property will in some way involve your deck. Leave nothing to chance. Contact us to inspect your deck today, so that you can have peace of mi

Here are Some Interesting Facts you Should Consider about Deck Inspections:

  1. More decks will collapse in summer months than any other time of the year.
  2. In nearly every case of deck collapse, there was either a heavy snow load involved or the deck was occupied.
  3. There is no relation to a deck collapse whether it was built with a permit in place or not.
  4. There is no difference in the stats whether the deck was built by the homeowner or a contractor.
  5. There is a small difference between deck failure and the age of the deck.
  6. In 90% of all deck collapse cases, there was a separation of the deck ledger board from the house. When this occurs, the deck is able to swing away from the house. That said, it is very rare that the deck joists fail, causing a collapse.
  7. The stairs of the deck are common for not having functional handrails.
  8. Finally, many do-it-yourself homeowners, and even many contractors, don’t believe that rail infill systems apply to decks though this is indeed an important safety feature.

The “Balcony Law,” also known as SB-721, makes commercial property owners financially responsible for inspections and testing of their property’s balconies, decks, and walkways. And the law doesn’t just make property owners responsible for the inspections and repairs – it also gives them strict deadlines under the threat of civil penalties and heavy fines.

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