A meth house screening is beneficial for properties that have no known background for being a meth lab. Frankly, in society today, you never know what you are going to walk into. These inspections are critical for protecting real estate agents and brokers, home buyers and sellers.

These meth screenings are generally conducted to help to determine whether there is a potential for meth contamination on the property.

Generally, these types of screenings are outside the scope of clandestine drug cleanup operations. While AllStar Home and Commercial Inspection is certified to do these inspections, we do not perform cleanup services. However, if we do find evidence of a clandestine lab, we will notify the client and provide you with resources of who you can call to perform any potential cleanup that may be needed.

Likewise, If you have had a cleanup performed, and want to verify that the property is in fact free and clear of any hazards, you can contact us to conduct the screening.

During the course of a regular home inspection, we will already be looking for visible signs of any of this, HOWEVER, we do not conduct any testing unless you specifically ask for this service. If the Meth Cleanup Screening is requested as part of a regular inspection service, we will discount the cost of the inspection.

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