The following is a list of the inspections and services that we provide at AllStar Home and Commercial Inspections. Many of these services are not assigned a price because they are included in the standard home or commercial inspection. Other services that are stand-alone inspections are assigned a price and these prices can be found on our pricing page. John Derossett was trained and certified by InterNACHI – the only accredited home inspection school in the United States.

This IS NOT an exhaustive list, and new services are added on a regular basis as the need arises. If a link is not working, that means that the informational page for that service is not yet complete.

  1. Home Inspection
  2. Commercial Inspection
  3. New Construction Inspection
  4. Roof Inspection
  5. Electrical Inspection
  6. Structure and Foundation Inspection
  7. Plumbing Inspection
  8. Moisture Intrusion
  9. Deck Inspection
  10. Exterior Inspection
  11. HVAC Inspection
  12. Attic Inspection
  13. Fireplaces, Stoves and Chimneys
  14. Roof Data Technician
  15. Meth House Hazards
  16. 11th Month Warranty Inspection
  17. Plumbing Inspection
  18. Four Point Inspection
  19. Annual Maintenance Inspection
  20. Pool and Spa Inspection
  21. Tree Inspection
  22. Garage Inspection
  23. Green Building Inspection
  24. Healthy Home Inspection
  25. Fire Extinguisher Inspection
  26. Air Quality Inspection
  27. Mold Inspection
  28. Multi-Unit House Inspection
  29. Log Home Inspection
  30. Mobile Home Inspection
  31. Crawlspace Inspection
  32. Repair Verification Inspection
  33. Home Energy Auditor
  34. Stucco Inspection
  35. Wind Mitigation Inspection
  36. Radon Testing
  37. Lawn Irrigation System Inspection
  38. Kitchen Inspection
  39. Water Quality Tester
  40. Maintenance and Housing Code Inspection
  41. Home Energy Inspection

Other Informational pages:

  1. Standards of Practice
  2. Safe Practices
  3. Code of Ethics
  4. Ladder Safety
  5. Buy Your Home Back Guarantee
  6. Fetch Report
  7. First Time Home Buyer
  8. $25,000 Honor
  9. Covid-19
  10. Contractor Experience
  11. Veteran Owned
  12. Pet Friendly
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