AllStar Home and Commercial Inspection provides chimney inspection services that require no special equipment or climbing on the roof.

A level one chimney inspection involves looking for damages to the chimney, any visible obstructions, creosote buildup and soot. While the primary focus is on the safety of the chimney structure, we can let you know if you’ll need to have a chimney sweep out to clean the chimney.

Remember however, that the primary focus is the safety of the structure using a visual, non-invasive inspection. We can usually tell you most things about the chimney without having to climb the roof. Recommendations will be made based on our observations.

We provide this service as part of our standard property inspection service, however, we offer it as a stand-alone service as well. It’s important that you have your chimney inspected if there has been an earthquake or you have experienced severe weather. Otherwise, an annual inspection is usually sufficient.

AllStar Home and Commercial Inspection of Riverside, California adheres to Nachi standards of practice and inspectors are certified to perform inspections listed on our website.

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